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ICA’s mission is to defend and grow markets for copper based on its superior technical performance and its contribution to a higher quality of life worldwide.

Through collective funding, and effective member oversight, ICA’s strategies can be executed much more effectively than by companies working individually. Key strategic elements include:

  • Position copper and the copper industry as addressing sustainable development issues to the benefit of society
  • Maintain industry license to operate and ensure market access for copper products
  • Invest in health, environment and sustainable development research and regulatory advocacy programs to:
    • Support regulatory policies that safeguard industry competitiveness
    • Enable industry to meet regulatory requirements, such as the EU’s REACH regulation and the United Nations Classification & Labeling of ores and concentrates
    • Position copper as an essential micronutrient for all life forms and as a sustainable material benign to the environment
  • Deliver an additional one-million tonnes of copper demand by 2016
    • Increase copper intensity of use in products, e.g., in motors and transformers to improve energy efficiency, and in building electrical systems to improve safety and convenience
    • Defend established markets against intense substitution challenges caused by persistent high relative material costs
    • Create new markets through technological innovation and promotion, e.g. Antimicrobial CopperTM for touch surfaces in healthcare, schools and public transport; aquaculture cage systems, to help meet growing demand for seafood; and heat-exchange applications, to improve energy efficiency and air quality

Copper Alliance organizations support and execute ICA’s value proposition at the regional and local level.

Learn more about The Societal Benefits of Copper and our view our video.