Copper is essential to the sustainable use of energy. The Sustainable Energy initiative advocates and supports progressive energy policies, standards and codes and informs manufacturers and users about copper-based options. Through direct outreach, we support policymakers with the accelerated adoption of sustainable energy solutions and standards, which are often copper based. We focus on the areas of equipment and appliance energy efficiency, electricity infrastructure efficiency, renewable energy and energy access for disadvantaged populations. Visit for more information on Sustainable Energy.

Learn more about our partnerships including UN Energy and the 23 member nation Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in providing knowledge support for Clean Energy development globally.

Adopting a collaborative approach, we provide a platform—backed by a group of independent and credible experts—that brings a wide spectrum of stakeholders together, ranging from the energy supply chain, policy-makers and regulators to manufacturers, sustainable energy advocates and end-users.  Visit Leonardo Energy, a platform that unites professionals from all over the world dedicated to electrical power and sustainable energy.

We collaborate with the Health, Environment and Sustainable Development Initiative to highlight copper’s role in sustainable development for specific audiences.

Business Cases for Energy Efficiency