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Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency brings a competitive advantage. A greener more sustainable future relies on copper.



Electrical Safety
In the last few years electrical consumption in homes has quadrupled, due to widespread use of appliances. Copper’s exceptional strength, ductility and resistance to corrosion make it the safest conductor for residential, commercial and building wiring.



Building Construction
Around the world, sustainable construction is accelerating. Copper contributes to sustainable construction through a variety of applications, including architectural designs, building wire systems and renewable energies conversion.



Antimicrobial Copper
Antimicrobial Copper® (Cu+®) eliminates greater than 99 percent of deadly microbes. U.S. clinical trials show Cu+ reducing infection rates 40 – 70 percent. Estimates indicate the annual savings achieved from using copper in health care settings in developed countries falls between $10 – 14 billion.



Across the Copper Alliance
The Copper Alliance™ positions copper and the copper industry to deliver significant benefits to society’s greatest challenges, from public health to renewable energy.



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