Copper: Universal Energy Access

Powering Economic Mobility

Copper can enable reliable, safe and affordable energy access to millions of people who are unable to get electricity through traditional means.

As cities grapple with increased energy demands, copper offers a smart alternative.

In Paraísopolis, Brazil, the second largest favela in São Paulo, we partnered with AES Electropaulo, a local utility, on a pilot project that initially provided 4,000 safe connections to local citizens and businesses. The program has since surpassed 500,000 connections, and access to safe, reliable energy has changed the lives of the local population.

In many parts of the world people without energy access are not only off the grid, they are not recognized as citizens. A utility bill provides proof of address, which can be used to help obtain a driver’s license, a small business loan and other benefits that improve an individual’s overall quality of life.


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