Anthony (Tony) Lea

President: International Copper Association (ICA), New York

Tony is President of the International Copper Association (ICA) New York. He has management responsibility for all aspects of the organization, including oversight of the global operations of the extended Copper Alliance across six continents.

His position provides Tony with an excellent perspective on the challenges faced in the end-use markets for copper, and the conduct of programs to develop and defend copper use. Tony holds an MBA from Warwick Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Imperial College of Science and Technology, both within the United Kingdom.

Ashley Brinson

Executive Director, The Warren Centre

Jonathan Ashley Brinson is the Warren Centre’s Executive Director having joined the organisation in July 2014.

Ashley has a broad range of experience across the technology and innovation spectrum and over 25 years of industry experience. Ashley is an inventor, named on five PCT patent sets in chemical engineering design.

With extensive experience in the silicon industry, Ashley has designed, built and managed large scale industrial plants in the US, UK and China. Ashley led cutting-edge robotic solar energy application development and marketing programs in China, Korea, California and Europe prior to arriving in Australia to further his knowledge of intellectual property at the University of Sydney.

Ashley is well versed in clean energy, manufacturing, construction, chemical engineering, project management, stakeholder engagement and transformational leadership. Ashley is a passionate advocate for Australian innovation and the market opportunities related to Asia’s growing economies.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MBA from Rutgers University New Jersey and a Juris Doctor from the University of Sydney Law School. Ashley is a lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW, a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (UK).

Richard XU

Regional Director of Asia, International Copper Association

Richard Xu is the Regional Director of Asia for the International Copper Association. Over the past 13 years, together with his team, he has developed effective strategic planning and management systems, which defend and grow copper applications in a variety of end-use markets. Prior to joining ICA, Richard held senior positions in the USA, Hong Kong and mainland China, with varied industry backgrounds including IT, telecommunications, and hotel and casino financing and management. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Finance and Economics from Cornell University in New York after studying Biology and Chemistry for two years at Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, China.

Colin Bennett

Global Manager Market Analysis and Outreach, International Copper Association

A global spokesperson for ICA, Colin is responsible for leading its Market Analysis and Outreach initiative, establishing market intelligence and strategic direction, and managing day-to-day outreach to market commentators in all world regions.

Colin has been in the field of market analysis for most of his career, a specialism he turned to after working at Public Relations firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies. Before joining ICA, Colin worked at the super-brand company Mintel as Senior Financial Markets Analyst, providing world-leading market intelligence reports. Through the Market Research Society of Great Britain, Colin maintains and improves his specialist skillset.

Paul Dewison

Managing Director: MetalsPlus Research & Consulting

Paul Dewison is a leading base metals industry consultant, focussing in particular on copper and on downstream markets. He has worked for leading metals consultancies CRU, Brook Hunt, SNL Metals & Mining and BME. In May 2015, Paul formed the company MetalsPlus Research & Consulting. He is best known for his highly granular metals end use research for the International Copper Association and others, mainly on a single client basis.

Keith M. Miller

Business Director, The Martec Group

Keith Miller is a Business Director with The Martec Group. Keith has over 21 years of experience in industrial market research. He has a wealth of knowledge in market analysis, financial analysis, technology assessments and advanced manufacturing systems. Keith has served clients across a broad portfolio of industries, including automotive, aerospace, biopharma, advanced materials, specialty chemicals, electronics, metals, building materials and packaging.

In addition, Keith is one of the practice leaders in Martec’s Automotive/Transportation sector. His work has extended into automotive components, advanced powertrain, electronics, advanced materials, regulations, reman components, supplier evaluation, emerging vehicle technologies, and examining optimal value chains and business plan development for such technologies. He holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and Master’s of Science in Finance from Walsh College.

Ian Hiscock

Senior Consultant, CRU Consulting, London

Ian has 8 years’ experience both as a consultant in the mining and metals industry undertaking assignments for companies, banks and governments, chiefly in the fields of strategy, financial transactions and legal.

As part of these assignments, Ian has visited clients and industrial operations all over the world, including in South Africa, China, Australia, Canada, India and Kazakhstan. He has successfully delivered presentations and workshops to senior management and at board level. Ian currently holds the position of Desk Manager, Non-Ferrous Consultancy and travels regularly to Japan and Korea as part of his business development responsibilities.

Ian was heavily involved in the development of a number of CRU’s long-term market outlook publications, designing and implementing many of the forecasting models and processes. He was editor of CRU’s Uranium Market Outlook and Mining Costs publications for several years, before handing them over to CRU’s market analysis team.

Ian holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.