Anthony (Tony) Lea

President: International Copper Association (ICA), New York

Tony is President of the International Copper Association (ICA) New York. He has management responsibility for all aspects of the organization, including oversight of the global operations of the extended Copper Alliance across six continents.

His position provides Tony with an excellent perspective on the challenges faced in the end-use markets for copper, and the conduct of programs to develop and defend copper use. Tony holds an MBA from Warwick Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Imperial College of Science and Technology, both within the United Kingdom.

Steve Kukoda

Executive Director, International Copper Association

Steve Kukoda joined the International Copper Association (ICA) in 2004 and is currently the organization’s Executive Director. He develops and maintains relationships with organizations external to the copper industry, including governments, intergovernmental organizations, the United Nations, foundations, and more. Steve is also responsible for increasing the association’s membership base, which currently represents a majority of world copper output, and ensuring ICA’s existing membership base and external partners continue to see value in the organization. With over 30 years’ experience, Steve has held a number of positions for different industries in the fields of communications and public/investor relations.

Yanting Zhou

Senior Consultant Base Metals Markets, Wood Mackenzie

Yanting joined Wood Mackenzie in June 2015 as a consultant in the Copper Market team. She is based in Beijing, and the focus of her work is on China’s copper market. Yanting is experienced in metals demand modelling of copper, aluminium and steel. She has built up extensive knowledge on metals end use markets in China, such as property, electrical network, transportation, machinery and appliance sector. Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, Yanting spent two years as an analyst at Rio Tinto. Her main responsibility was to assess China’s long-term growth potential of commodity demand based on research projects on property, land, and industry sector. She was also responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s China steel demand model. Yanting holds a MS degree in Economics from Tufts University, and a BA degree in Economics from Nankai University.

Wenson Zheng

Initiative Leader for Appliance & Technology Asia, International Copper Association

Wenson Zheng is the Initiative Leader for Appliance & Technology Asia at International Copper Association’s China Shanghai Office. He previously worked for the 802nd Institute of the Shanghai Astronautic Bureau, engaging in R&D work. Wenson earned a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Degree from Zhejing University—one of China’s most famous universities—and an MBA from the National University of Singapore.

Hal Stillman

Director of Technology at ICA

Hal Stillman is Director, Technology Development and Transfer for the International Copper Association, Ltd.  He is responsible for leading industry-funded R&D focused on developing ways to improve the use of copper in existing applications and create new applications for copper.  He was formerly with ABB as Senior VP Technology and Innovation and was responsible for managing large high risk R&D projects, contributing to corporate technology strategy, and managing investments for ABB New Ventures.

Huang Fangqing

Research Director, Brilliance Consulting

Huang Fangqing graduated in Mechanical & Electronic engineering from Shanghai University and received an MBA from Fudan University. In his 15 years’ working experience, Huang has provided a large amount of product studies and market surveys, and has carried out strategic consulting for global and domestic companies, institutions, and associations. His research covers industrial products, commodities and raw materials, household appliances and consumer goods.

Colin Bennett

Global Manager Market Analysis and Outreach, International Copper Association

A global spokesperson for ICA, Colin is responsible for leading its Market Analysis and Outreach initiative, establishing market intelligence and strategic direction, and managing day-to-day outreach to market commentators in all world regions.

Colin has been in the field of market analysis for most of his career, a specialism he turned to after working at Public Relations firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies. Before joining ICA, Colin worked at the super-brand company Mintel as Senior Financial Markets Analyst, providing world-leading market intelligence reports. Through the Market Research Society of Great Britain, Colin maintains and improves his specialist skillset.

Dr Luis Tercero

Head of Business Unit Systemic Risks, Fraunhofer Institute

Dr. TERCERO is head of the Business Unit Systemic Risks and coordinates all work related to materials and raw materials at Fraunhofer ISI in Karlsruhe, Germany. Starting 2009, he has managed or been actively involved in a variety of projects (German, EU, Industry) related to critical raw materials, raw material supply and demand, changing demand through emerging technologies, dynamic modelling of material flows, raw materials policy and resource efficiency. He had a leading role in supporting the Ad-hoc Working Group on Defining Critical Raw Materials (2009–2010 and 2013–2014) in the context of the EU Raw Materials Initiative, and is currently a member of the Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials. He received his formal training as a chemical engineer (B.Sc., M.Sc., Dr.-Ing.) in Nicaragua, the USA and Germany.

Song Zhongkui

Secretary General, China Energy Conservation Association and China Heat Pump Industry Alliance

Song Zhongkui is Secretary General of the China Energy Conservation Association and of the China Heat Pump Industry Alliance. He is a senior engineer, who gained a Master’s Degree from the Physics Department of Jilin University. Song has served as Deputy Director of the Engineering Metrology and Testing Technology Division of the National Institute of Metrology, Deputy Director of the Energy Conservation Center, Deputy Director of the Energy and Environment Institute and Director of the National Energy Conservation Monitoring and Management Center. Not only has he long engaged in research of energy-saving policies, regulations, standards and technologies, he also helps enterprises improve energy management systems, guiding them to technological transformations and carrying out training on energy saving strategies.

Richard XU

Regional Director of Asia, International Copper Association

Richard Xu is the Regional Director of Asia for the International Copper Association. Over the past 13 years, together with his team, he has developed effective strategic planning and management systems, which defend and grow copper applications in a variety of end-use markets. Prior to joining ICA, Richard held senior positions in the USA, Hong Kong and mainland China, with varied industry backgrounds including IT, telecommunications, and hotel and casino financing and management. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Finance and Economics from Cornell University in New York after studying Biology and Chemistry for two years at Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, China.