Director de Asia

Tao Lu

Tao Lu-updated (400 x 400 px)
Based in Asia

Tao Lu manages a broad range of research and technical oversight in the areas of health, environment and sustainable development to support the stewardship of copper products in China. Holding a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Engineering, Tao applies his expertise to present scientific, peer-reviewed research to regulatory bodies (e.g., MEE, MIIT, and CNIA) and their research institutes, NGOs and International Copper Association (ICA) members. 

Tao has especially enjoyed applying the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method to his work on copper’s environmental impact, assessing the carbon footprint of the Chinese copper supply chain. The International Peer Review Panel cited his work on LCA as vital supporting evidence for decisions on low-voltage power cables in China, and he was invited by government institutes as an industrial expert to develop and interpret LCA-based green standards for copper products in China.  

La ICA cuenta con un equipo comprometido de defensores globales, científicos y expertos en el mercado que asesoran a los responsables políticos y a la cadena de valor sobre cuestiones clave para la industria del cobre.