Director, ACI China

Victor Zhou

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Based in Asia

Victor Zhou manages the operations of the International Copper Association (ICA) China offices, which includes overseeing project implementation, managing ICA’s relationship with the Chinese Government and wider copper industry, and providing market intelligence on downstream markets in China. Victor also serves as the Asia team leader for the Clean Energy Transition (CET) program. 

Of the many projects he oversees, Victor is proud to help China establish its first-ever energy-efficiency standards for copper-intensive products, such as transformers and electric motors. A longstanding presence in the energy-efficiency space, Victor had the honor of organizing the most well-known international event on motors, the Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems Conference, in 2007.  He was also ICA’s first recipient of the President’s Award for exceptional performance.  

With an MBA from Peking University and a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from Tianjin University, Victor brings his unique training to connect technical expertise to market needs in his work at ICA.  

“Copper’s contribution to environmental progress is quantifiable. Energy-efficient motors and appliances create considerable social benefits and enable sustainable development.” 

La ICA cuenta con un equipo comprometido de defensores globales, científicos y expertos en el mercado que asesoran a los responsables políticos y a la cadena de valor sobre cuestiones clave para la industria del cobre.