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Road to Zero-Emission Buildings: Finding the Right Skills for a New Age of Construction


May 11, 2022
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


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ECI and Leonardo Energy present the EPBD debate series “Road to zero-emission buildings”. Join us for the second event in the series and register below.

The energy transition will lead to zero-emission buildings and rely significantly on electrification. This will require developing and scaling different skill sets from the conventional construction and renovation sector. The automation of buildings, smart technologies and smart heating, on-site generation of renewable energy, as well as electrification of heating & cooling and transport, raises a pressing need for adaptation of the sector to offer the desired services. Such changes on the building sector job market requires the development of new professional skills. Electrical contractors will for example play a key role to ensure safe, efficient and smart installations that are ready for the deployment of EV charging points, heat pumps, on-site renewables and home batteries.

Fundamental changes are faced by the construction sector in training, qualification and certification needs, new roles and skills, innovations and best practices. Which professionals are needed for ZEB and electrification? What will be their role? How can we develop availability of skilled professionals?

Join us for the 2nd event in the ECI-Leonardo Energy EPBD debate series Road to zero-emission buildings: Reskilling for a new age of construction to have these and more questions on new professions skills needed in the transition process to zero-emission buildings answered.

DATE: 11 MAY 2022

TIME: 16:30–17:30 CEST


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