Benefits of Deep Energy Renovation

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To foster deep energy renovation an encompassing and integrated strategy must be adopted following these key principles:

  • Energy efficiency first
  • Decarbonisation of heating and cooling via electrification
  • Integration of renewables
  • Sector integration and demand side flexibility
  • Life-cycle thinking and circularity
  • Increased safety standards, e.g. electrical
  • High health and environmental standards
  • Affordability and alleviation of energy poverty

Renovation is not only about reducing energy bills and cutting down emissions. It can open up numerous possibilities and generate far-reaching social, environmental and economic benefits. Through renovation, buildings can be made healthier, safer, greener, smart, sustainable and circular, interconnected within a neighbourhood district, more accessible, resilient to extreme natural events, and support the roll out of e-mobility, among others.

12 February 2021

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