ICA’s Research Contributes To Recognized Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Innovation

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The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) recently recognized a new innovation for the electric vehicle (EV) lithium battery pack that replaces the existing nickel bus bar with copper, improving battery efficiency while significantly reducing costs. Developed with the support of the International Copper Association China’s EV team, this new technology increases copper use in electric vehicles by an additional 10Kg per car. Given copper’s superior performance in electric and heat conduction, the innovative design will tremendously improve the safety, efficiency and recyclability of the battery, preparing EVs for future increasing energy demand. Registered to the World Industrial Innovative Technology Cooperation (WiiTs), the battery pack will be promoted globally.

The copper bus bar compared to a nickel bus bar.

Jiaxing Module Bonding Technology Co., Ltd (LeBET) developed the battery pack during a follow-up project based on ICA China’s EV Team pilot research. In 2010, ICA initiated research on battery thermal management and module packing technology with the Guangdong University of Technology and LeBET. This initial research, which lasted four years, focused on overcoming the potential damage to the packing shell that occurs in traditional copper wielding. ICA’s preliminary results were promising, and LeBET continued its investment.

Copper bus bar for a smaller size battery.

The advantages of this new battery packing technology can be expanded to other essential areas of sustainable infrastructure, such as energy storage. UNIDO’s recognition and amplification of this advancement contributes to the awareness of ongoing research for technological improvements in electric vehicles and its solutions for global carbon emission reduction. UNIDO’s endorsement also provides confidence to battery packing manufacturers on any production adjustment costs, increasing the likelihood of investment and production.

As a next step, ICA will join forces with UNIDO, LeBAT and other partners to promote the battery pack technology globally to contribute to a safer, greener infrastructure and a more sustainable world.

24 May 2021

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