Javier Pablo García

Head Domain - Appliances, Energy and Mobility, The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU)

Javier García is Responsible for Energy, Mobility and Home Appliances at the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU), working for more than 24 years within the organization and collaborating with other consumer organizations in Europe (Euroconsumers group, BEUC, etc.). Within his role he is participating in product tests and investigations in relation to energy, efficiency, mobility and electrical safety.

Previously, he worked as a Representative of Consumers International and ANEC in relation with the electrical safety of household appliances at worldwide level IEC TC61 and European level CENELEC TC61.

Trained as a mechanical engineer, Javier believes that in order to face all the challenges we have in relation to decarbonization and climate change, the involvement of all consumers is essential.