Luke Gear

Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx

Luke Gear is a Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx where he leads the research on Electric Vehicles. He has a specialist knowledge of the markets and technologies underlying electric vehicles, energy storage for electric vehicles, and stationary energy storage, as well as an expertise in forecasting, technology benchmarking and competitive landscape analysis.

Luke’s background is a Master of Physics from the University of Bath, where he studied a variety of topics including photonics, nanoscience and condensed matter. His interest for sustainable energy began with his Master’s placement at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, where he helped improve the efficiency of a piece of specialist scientific software. His work contributed to the ITER project, a fusion experiment in Southern France that hopes to be the first to generate a surplus of energy.

Today, Luke speaks regularly both at IDTechEx events and external events, sharing the latest insights on electric vehicle and battery trends. He has provided keynote presentations and technical masterclasses across three continents.