Management Assistant

Frosina Velkovska

Based in Europe

Frosina Velkovska provides administrative support to the European Copper Institute (ECI) and acts as the assistant to the Chief Executive at ECI. Frosina oversees human resources, payroll and financial and general administration in Europe.  

Frosina  is proud when she can motivate her colleagues by supporting their needs. She particularly enjoys organizing team-building events and in-person meetings. At ECI, Frosina led the implementation of digital solutions for otherwise lengthy administrative procedures, such as electronic banking and SAP tools for expense tracking. She also worked closely with ECI’s Chief Executive on the renovation of the European offices.  

Outside of the office, Frosina loves spending time outdoors. Passionate about people, she also organizes fundraisers to support humanitarian causes.  

“Human capital is the most important asset in any organization.” 

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