Asia Communications Manager

Jane Cai

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Based in Asia

Jane Cai manages communications strategies and objectives for the International Copper Association (ICA) in China and works to develop thought leadership pieces with key Chinese stakeholders. She loves initiatives where she can engage with people who are passionate about the copper industry and visit the ground floor of copper processing at factories, both of which have been central to her work on the My Story with Copper campaign.  

Aside from her collaborations within the copper industry, Jane has been instrumental in developing a communications framework for sustainability discussions, liaising with media and industry experts to share the latest resources on sustainable development. More than any other topic, she is interested in ICA’s work on copper recycling and copper’s antimicrobial properties. Out of the office, Jane can be found experimenting with cooking, reading and meditating. 

The environmental performance of the copper recycling industry is essential for meeting China’s green development and carbon neutrality goals.” 

ICA has a committed team of global advocates, scientists and market experts who advise policymakers and the value chain on key issues for the copper industry.