Regulatory Affairs Specialist (EU), Material Stewardship

Symeon Christofyllidis

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Based in Europe

Symeon Christofyllidis analyzes EU regulatory developments in the sustainability field and manages circular economy-related projects for the European Copper Institute (ECI). Symeon has been pivotal in the development of ICA’s Circular Economy Blueprint, which aims to consolidate the results of ECI’s circular economy projects into communication materials for use in all programs and regions. 

With a BSc in Political Science and Public Administration, an MA in Political Marketing, and an MA in European Studies, Symeon uses his expertise and passion for public policy to analyze legal documents and turn technical information into effective policy recommendations. In his advocacy efforts, he identifies opportunities for the copper industry to support the goals of the European Green Deal and the global green transition. 

Symeon is happiest when he is traveling the world and discovering new cultures. With a love of adventure, Symeon can be found trying new cuisines, practicing his photography or exploring the ocean as a certified open water diver. 

“Copper’s circular potential makes it the strategic material of choice in the electrification and decarbonization efforts of the EU and worldwide.” 

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Symeon Christofyllidis

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